International Admissions

The world is a global learning environment, it is the place where you go out and never come back without having experienced a new thing or two. It’s like a carnival of cultures, languages, expressions, emotions, cuisines, traditions and opinions. It is a universe of experiences waiting to be discovered. The Department of International Relations and Outreach (IRO) of Techno India Group has been formed with a motto of enhancing the depth of knowledge across various Universities across the globe to help the vibrant group of students with high zeal in the knowledge community of our University. The Department thrives on the diversity of voices with the help of the collaborative partners from different Universities. We host students from all corners of the world who make an incredible group to outshine the world. It focuses on developing the outlook of students at an international level. This field is very unique, mostly because of the wide spectrum of topics included in it like Management, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences & Humanities, Hospitality & Tourism Administration, Science, Life Science, Economics & Commerce, etc. The IRO is a link between the students and the Universities abroad.

At SNU, the environment is dynamic which makes any guest student feel at home. We are a group of people who continuously work towards the upgradation and wide exposure of the students. At SNU, the international corner shapes the career of students from UG through PG till research level. Students looking for opportunities for summer/winter courses as well as for research work shall be given the best of an international experience. The IRO engages in inbound exchanges, buddy programs, outbound exchanges and everything else that comes in between.